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Birth of a picture, step by step

I use a mixed technique (oil and acrylic) to create all my pictures.

The acrylic painting offers the advantage of a quick drying. I work with it to lay the foundations of my construction down.

The shades, the details, the gradations, the glazes; all the finishing touches are carried out with oil.


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The background is prepared with acrylic painting. This first stage fixes the model’s pose and the proportions in the canvas, as well as the clear and dark zones.

I start on the creation of the nest which needs a particular care of the detail, because of the contrast of the shadows and the light on the twigs. A silk scarf will give a refined touch.

The motifs of the scarf are drying, before shadows and brightness recreate the silky sight of the cloth. Meanwhile, I lay the sketch of the features of the face’s construction down.

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On this drawn base, I prepare the background of the face with light acrylic, making the look, the smile, and the main shadows appear. The scarf and the collar are ended with oil

The feather, the Barbour and my signature (embroidered on the breast) are finished. I work on the face’s contours. The nest’s shadow on the forehead and the hair will underline its brilliance and relief.

Some finishing touches give me the opportunity of polishing up a faithful likeness with the model, working with a quite subtle way on the wrinkles and the make-up of this elderly lady.

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